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I have been keeping a journal for over 20 years. I just seem to be able to think better when I have a pen in my hands. To my mind, a good pen is one that doesn’t get in the way of writing. A great pen actually inspires it. The same can be said for good paper and good ink. I think I have tried just about every notebook out there, but the one I have been using for the past two weeks just might be the best I’ve ever encountered. It is made with Tomoe River Paper, a very thin paper that takes fountain pen ink very well. There is no bleed-through or feathering, and it has a velvety feel to it.

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The One That Started it All

Conway Stewart 58 in Amethyst
Conway Stewart 58 in Amethyst

The first fountain pen I really loved writing with is my Conway Stewart 58 in Amethyst. In June, 2004, my husband and I took a very fun trip to Washington DC with some friends. In order to commemorate such an occasion, I decided I would look for a very nice pen at Fahrney’s Pens. This one fit the bill perfectly. It was not my first fountain pen, but it was the first one where I managed to hit upon the perfect pen+ink+paper combination. Along with the pen, I also bought a bottle of Private Reserve Ink in Plum. I wish I could remember the paper I was using at the time, but I don’t. I do know that I finally understood what the fuss about fountain pens was all about. There is something about a good fountain pen gliding across a sheet of paper that is magical. Some people describe the experience as butter on glass.

Writing in butter on a glass plate - very smooth.
Writing in butter on a glass plate – very smooth.

Thankfully, fountain pens are much neater. After finding this magical formula, I started reading  every issue of Pen World magazine and joined the message boards at It opened up a whole new world. I discovered that not only are there others out there who love writing instruments, there is an entire pen community. It was a real eye-opener. Through Pentrace I started learning how to take care of fountain pens, what the best brands are, and that pen people are cool. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Beauty of the Written Word


There is something very beautiful about writing with a fountain pen. While I have always loved writing and writing instruments, it wasn’t until I found fountain pens about 10 years ago that my pen collecting really took off. Now, I own over 250 fountain pens and have become much too knowledgeable about all things pen, ink and paper. Certainly, there are people who know much more than I do, but in the large scheme of things I know plenty. I think it is time I started writing some of it down in one spot. I am hoping to catalog my pens and keep records of the inks I have used. I am also planning on doing some reviews of pens, inks and papers. I suppose this blog is mainly for me, an online pen journal as it were. However, since others might find some of this information interesting as well, I decided to do my reviews and cataloging online.

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