Beauty of the Written Word


There is something very beautiful about writing with a fountain pen. While I have always loved writing and writing instruments, it wasn’t until I found fountain pens about 10 years ago that my pen collecting really took off. Now, I own over 250 fountain pens and have become much too knowledgeable about all things pen, ink and paper. Certainly, there are people who know much more than I do, but in the large scheme of things I know plenty. I think it is time I started writing some of it down in one spot. I am hoping to catalog my pens and keep records of the inks I have used. I am also planning on doing some reviews of pens, inks and papers. I suppose this blog is mainly for me, an online pen journal as it were. However, since others might find some of this information interesting as well, I decided to do my reviews and cataloging online.

Welcome to my blog!


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