Getting Back To It


I am a firm believer that just because something didn’t work once, that doesn’t mean it will never work. Of course, that sounds like Einstein’s definition of insanity: you continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Ever the optimist, I am going to try my hand at blogging one more time. And the thing that has made me really want to try to do it is a little company in Michigan called Cocoa Daisy.

After about two years of fighting planner wars and journal wars, I came across this subscription based service sometime in April, 2017. Once a month they ship their subscribers a box of peace and happiness. I am currently subscribing to their planner pages and a couple different sizes of traveler’s notebooks. Each month has a different theme, design, and color scheme. They have literally brought beauty into my everyday life. It is wonderful! I have even started using of their standard size traveler’s notebooks to do memory keeping. I have never been a scrapbooker, and we have family photos scattered everywhere. By using their supplies, I already have four full months of lovely notebooks filled with photos, gratitude and the highlights of each month. It has been fun to put them together and even more fun to look back at them. I can’t wait to do more!


The One Pen to Rule Them All

Montblanc Alexander DumasMontblanc Alexander Dumas

A close up of the Dumas nib.
A close up of the Dumas nib.

I did it again. Last year when I went to the Ohio Pen Show, I broke one of the cardinal rules of pen shows by buying one of the first pens I looked at, a Conway Stewart 100 in Amethyst. This year, I bought the very first pen I came across, the Montblanc Alexander Dumas Limited Edition from their writers series in 1996. I wasn’t really looking for it, mainly because I never thought I would even get to see it in person. When we stopped at the first big table in the main showroom I noticed that the exhibitor had several Limited Edition pens and so asked him about the Dumas. Again, even at a pen show I didn’t think I would find one, but he looked through one of his large leather pen cases behind his table and came up with the “one pen” I had always wanted. It still has the “m” sticker on it, showing it is a medium nib. It doesn’t have a box or papers, which is fine with me as I was hoping to find one I could actually write with, not just putĀ on a shelf as a collectors item. It is the most beautiful pen I have ever seen. It is, in itself, a work of art. My favorite nibmeister, Richard Binder, was also at the show. He was adjusting and smoothing nibs for people and so I brought the pen to him to set up and adjust the nib just the way I like it. It writes perfectly.

MB Dumas Writing Sample, Diamine Amaranth Ink

We were at the pen show for four days, and I only bought one other pen. I’ll write about that one later. It is also something very special, and as such deserves its own post. However, nothing can surpass this pen in my collection. It really is “the one pen to rule them all.”

Beauty of the Written Word


There is something very beautiful about writing with a fountain pen. While I have always loved writing and writing instruments, it wasn’t until I found fountain pens about 10 years ago that my pen collecting really took off. Now, I own over 250 fountain pens and have become much too knowledgeable about all things pen, ink and paper. Certainly, there are people who know much more than I do, but in the large scheme of things I know plenty. I think it is time I started writing some of it down in one spot. I am hoping to catalog my pens and keep records of the inks I have used. I am also planning on doing some reviews of pens, inks and papers. I suppose this blog is mainly for me, an online pen journal as it were. However, sinceĀ others might find some of this information interesting as well, I decided to do my reviews and cataloging online.

Welcome to my blog!